Oksi Thermal Printer


The new receipt printers are equipped with multi I/O main board that combines USB, serial and LAN connection on to a single board.

  • 250mm/sec print speed
  • Very high print resolution
  • 48 (Font A) / 42(Font B) character per line
  • Auto cutter available
  • Color : Black, White available
  • Multi I/O Interface¬†(Serial ,Ethernet,USB )1 x RJ-11

A receipt printer is one of the most important component among the various POS peripherals, as receipts are the proof that customers have purchased their items legitimately. Most receipt printers come with an RJ11 socket with the purpose of attaching cash drawer. This enables both printer and the cash drawer to share a single connection port in the POS terminal. Other options such as auto cutter printer-pass for customer display are also available for the same.

Oksi includes an exciting breakthrough where the users no longer need to worry about choosing the corresponding interface to pair with their machines.