Omisa Touchscreen POS Billing Machine


  • Variety of CPU Selectable For Cost-Effective SolutionsL(Intel Processors)
  • 15 inch Full Flat Touch Screen LCD Display
  • DDR 3 RAM Module support
  • Color: Black, White, Orange, and customized color available
  • High Capacity RAM Expandable (1~16GB)
  • Low Noise System with Smart Fan to Ensure Quiet and Steady Operation
  • Gigabit LAN Ports
  • Versatile I/O support: USB / RS-232 / RJ-11 etc
  • Intergrated Magnettic Stripe Card Reader/ i-Button Module (optional)
  • Internal Cable Routing Base Design Ideal for Small Workplace Operation
  • Optional Customer Display/2nd VGA Displays
  • Hidden Power Adapter Design

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Omisa is an epochal Touchscreen POS terminal that fulfills all your visual and functional demands. This highly anticipated all-in-one POS system features sleek and stylish exterior with piano gloss finish, that gives your counter a refreshing and elegant look. Its compact footprint saves valuable counter space and is ideal for situation where space is an issue. The touch screen monitor can be tilted 15 to 90 degree, ensuring easy interaction for users.